De ijsfiets loves ice-cart nostalgia

De ijsfiets loves ice-cart nostalgia

Long before ice-cream carts peddled their sweet treats around suburban arteries and children exploded onto the streets in happy anticipation, ice was a luxury reserved for kings.

Roman Emperor Nero dispatched his servants to fetch snow, transformed it with added ingredients and fulfilled his icy cravings. Next up were the Monarchs of Turkey, India & Arabia who served up ice banquets and in the 16 century, Italian and French palettes were forever changed by seductive sorbets. The Italians were the curators of the ice-cream Renaissance. Later technology upped the ice stakes until eventually (centuries later) penny licks and American suburbia cohabited in happy bliss. Children around the world clambered on the streets in Pavlovian responses to chiming bells of ice carts, and today ice-cream is still one of the most celebrated of sweet treats.

Today de ijsfiets continues the ice-cream legacy. Instead of push carts and vans, our electric powered ice-cycles spread gelato joy at events, functions, parties and festivals. Our happy ice-heroes love serving and add the cherry on top to all dessert adventures.

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