Our promise

We make people happy!

Our mission is to spread joy and love with our ice-cream

All good journeys begin with inspiration. Making people happy was ours – and crazy-delicious scoops of handmade ice-cream served with happy hearts – anywhere, any time – became our mission.

Ice-cream vendors of the past

The concept of de ijsfiets reminded us of our childhood where ice-cream vendors would cycle through the neighbourhoods selling their scrumptious ice-creams. Children would rush out onto the streets to choose their favourite flavours and then gather on the pavements as they devoured the icy treats.

Those memories were the muse for de ijsfiets, and so the story began. Through the parks, neighbourhoods, and public squares our team of ice-heroes sold our madly delicious, handmade and 100% real ice-cream from our mobile ice cream carts – doing what we set out to do from the beginning: making people happy.

Our mission to love the environment

Just as we believe in creating ice- cream that’s good for the body, we feel passionate about the environment. So we do things sustainably. Our ice-cycles are electrically-powered, everything from our ice trays to our spoons are biodegradable, and our wildly delicious ice-creams are made from natural and sustainably sourced ingredients. This means our milk is from happy cows and our fruit is free from synthetic pesticides.

The best ice cream in Amsterdam, London and Cape Town

De ijsfiets started with one ice-cream bicycle in Amsterdam. Soon the happiness spread as people loved the super tantalising handmade and mobile ice-cream. Fans got to chill in the parks and public spaces and de ijsfiets while our happy ice-heroes served up crazy, flavourful scoops of gelato which also come in sugar-free, lactose-and gluten-free varieties.

One ice-cream bike soon became two and three – and very rapidly we had enough bicycles to spread our joy to London and Cape Town too.

Five reasons to book us today:

  • We use yummy, natural and handmade ice-cream
  • We love mobile eventing. So we come to you. While you chill, we serve
  • Our funky ice bikes create conversation
  • Our happy ice-cream servers scoop up joy at your party
  • We use quality, environment-happy products

Experience the joy of our ice-cream carts for hire, call us on 085 – 065 18 62 or book us on www.deijsfiets.nl

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