There once was...

Look at that shiny IJSFIETS of us!

It took us a while until we recreated the right design of this now fancy, made-in-Copenhagen cargo-bike.

Five years ago Achmed started with the ijsfiets in the suburb of Utrecht- The Netherlands, called Canal Island. It was a push-bike, partly donated by a bicycle-shop owner (thank God for the bike, otherwise there would have never been an ijsfiets ?

His friends helped him by hammering a box to enable him to he store the ice. And so he set off, on his bike, through the streets of Utrecht, to make people happy with a tasty ice cream offer and a chat.

No one injured

Since then our ijsfiets-idea evolved each year. We shared our idea of an ideal ijsfiets MODEL with a furniture designer and together they designed and ijsfiets which could store enough ice to keep the ice cream at the right temperature for a longer period of time.

In practice this did not always work out as successful as we had hoped it would. In one case the load wooden crate was too heavy ,which made us rolling over with our wheels in the air and the ice cream everywhere around us. (not to worry, no-one was injured, we just discovered a new way of creating milk shakes)

With the first ijsfiets models we found that the connection of the crates to the frames was too high. This made that the ijsfiets stand was not able to hold the load on it’s own. Achmed: “Very embarrassing! Here you are, showing off pushing this flashy ijsfiets to sell ice cream, yet, turning around you find it is tumbling over!

Just as in Italy

Spring 2015; At last. All our efforts were awarded into a real cool bike with ditto crate, ready to take off. Complete with a wide drawer to place the ice cones in a neat row. And as a topping on the cake -our pride and joy!- the lids on top of the ice cream bins looked like they came straight from a traditional ice cream parlor in Italy

However, even this model was found with practical problems. Because it had 2 wheels only, it easily fell over. Whenever we were selling ice cream, with each scoop, we first had to secure the ijsfiets onto it’s stand. More so, because they were so heavy, our cyclists needed trained biceps to hold onto them and avoid them from falling. On the bright side: Our cyclist had free gym during their working hours. No money to be payed to attend a gym!

On to Kopenhagen!

Winter of 2016. There it is! Great bikes of Danish origin. Why choose bicycles from Denmark while the Netherlands is a cycling country?

Because most likely the Danes even more than the Dutch are cyclists and that is why their design seems to be top notch Because these bikes were tricycles, they were solid and fast and could smoothly take the corners. A world of difference to our colossal blocks of clumsy and heavy bicycles! The bikes were bought in Copenhagen and custom made for our cyclists and to perfectly fit our cones and ice cream. We call them:DE IJSFIETS 3.0

Nowadays you can spot them in the parks and residential areas of Amsterdam, Utrecht, Almere, London (GB) and even Cape Town (ZA) We continue to improve the design of the ijsfiets and we expect to see this evolve over the years. One thing will stand and be recognisable as always: The unaltered ICE- BELL

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